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The best for classic offensive table tennis players and fans of DHS and Friendship 729 brands

As Chinese table tennis does (and not just Chinese table tennis), it uses booster for the rubber sponge. 

This completely changes the characteristics of the rubber.

We are giving you the chance to try it out for yourself.

"WARNING, it's addictive!"

Classic Chinese rubbers do not have such a porous sponge, their structure is dense, so players apply tuning-booster to the sponge to give it different playing qualities and perfect it. The rubber is up to 30% faster after booster application, the sponge softens and becomes more flexible, and the rubber has even higher spin without losing control of the game. The booster has a long-lasting, stable effect, lasting 8-12 weeks before its effect expires. Then the whole process must be repeated.

In order to create the optimum combination of rubber and booster, we have selected rubbers that have excellent properties with a booster.

We also added the:

DHS Hurricane 301 5+2AC blade, a new blade of 2017.

DHS Fang Bo B2X blade 5+2AC blade, a new blade of 2019.

DHS Hurricane Long 5 blade 5+2AC

DHS Hurricane Long 5X blade 5+2AC, a new blade of 2019.

You will naturally find everything you need to glue and clean your tuned rubber here, as well as the new generation of DHS D40+ 3 star *** table tennis balls made of ABS, so you have something to play with.