DHS Hurricane 301
  • DHS Hurricane 301
  • DHS Hurricane 301 blade
  • Hurricane 301
  • Hurricane 301 blade
  • DHS Hurricane 301 blade - arylate carbon

DHS Hurricane 301 (H301) blade - arylate carbon

VAT included 21% Updated 5/7/2020: At this time we not deliver to Italy, Spain and France.

The DHS Hurricane 301 table tennis blade is a new product of 2017 made with BBT technology, which gives the blade stable performance and makes it less prone to temperature and humidity. The DHS Hurricane 301 blade is very popular among professional Chinese table tennis players.

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DHS Hurricane 301 is a great offensive blade with high performance when hit strongly, but in short games it is very sensitive, making a great short game. The arylate carbon layer is located next to the core, which only activates during strong hits such as countertopspin.

Hardness of DHS Hurricane 301 blade

DHS Hurricane 301 is not a stiff blade, it has a very pleasant flexible feel; the top veneer is made of koto and is medium hard.

DHS Hurricane 301 blade treatment

DHS Hurricane 301 is well crafted, but the edges need to be sanded a little with fine sandpaper to prevent it from cutting into your hand.

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