DHS Hurricane 3
  • DHS Hurricane 3
  • DHS Hurricane 3 rubber
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DHS Hurricane 3 rubber - medium hard

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DHS Hurricane 3 is the world's most widely used rubber by table tennis players due to its characteristics.

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DHS Hurricane 3 is a rubber for forehand

DHS Hurricane 3 is a pure forehand rubber; it's tacky with a medium hard sponge of H38-H40 on a Chinese scale (approx. 47° in Europe). 

The DHS Hurricane 3 rubber has optimal characteristics when used with a booster

The Falco Tempo Long Booster softens the sponge and it becomes more flexible, making the rubber up to 30% faster with higher spin.

Blade and DHS Hurricane 3 rubber combination

When combined with with the DHS Hurricane 301 blade, it makes an excellent offensive racket with good speed and great control.

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